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The Wedding of Jack & Diane

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Wedding Announcement of

Jack & Diane

February 6, 2019
Kennebec Valley Humane Society
Augusta, Maine

Their Story:

Jack and Diane originally came to KVHS after a community member found them wandering together, with leashes tied together, in a cemetery in Chelsea . They originally arrived in August of 2018, and were placed once with a family that unfortunately didn’t work out (due to no fault of anyone, it just wasn’t the right fit). They returned to KVHS in November of 2018, and are looking for a loving home that can provide the with a comfortable retirement lifestyle to live out their days! Both dogs are seniors.

At KVHS, it was deemed Jack and Diane are a bonded pair. To the team at the shelter, this means that these dogs show a great deal of attachment to one another. It is much like an old married couple loves one another, so it was decided to honor that love with a wedding. To ensure that Jack and Diane’s bond continues, they will not be separated and will be adopted together.

Jack & Diane are still looking for their forever home!

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