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At KVHS, we rely on the loving and committed foster families in our robust foster program to help us save lives!  These families provide loving, safe home environments for animals that are not old enough to be adopted or are recovering from an illness or injury.  That could include caring for young mothers or soon-to-be mothers, under-socialized animals, seniors, animals recovering from sickness, or other animals with special needs.  Foster animals are most commonly cats and kittens, but can also be dogs, puppies, rabbits, and occasionally other small animals.

You can become a foster family for any one of these animals no matter what your experience with animals has been, even if you have other pets. We love training and speaking with potential new foster families, so fill out an application or stop by to meet and us discuss this great way to make the difference in the life of an animal today!


Please email completed foster applications to foster@pethavenlane.org

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