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The Christopher D. Walters Second Chances Fund

What is the Christopher D. Walters Second Chances Fund?

This fund ensures that animals of all breeds and ages have an opportunity for a loving second chance with a new family regardless of health conditions that may require extensive medical care and/or surgeries or behavioral conditions caused by abuse or neglect.

So frequently we see cats and dogs come through our doors in need of more than just a new home. They have medical issues or may be fearful due to neglect or poor treatment. With the Christopher D. Walters Second Chances Fund, we are pledging to continue to do all we can for every animal that comes through our door.

Who is Christoper Walters?

Local filmmaker & KVHS Board member, Christopher Walters donated $10,000 specifically to start a new fund called The Christopher D. Walters Second Chances Fund.

“I’m pleased to contribute to the important work of the Kennebec Valley Humane Society. I saw this as an opportunity to make a contribution to KVHS that will provide an ongoing benefit to the most vulnerable animals. The second chances fund is meaningful to me personally because of how deeply I believe in second chances.” – Christopher Walters

What Exactly Does This Fund Do?

The fund pays for costly surgeries and treatments for animals that come into KVHS to ensure that the animal can live a happy and healthy life in a new forever family.

Some examples of treatments* that the Christopher D. Walters Second Chances Fund supports:

  • Broken bones: $500 – $1500
  • Dental surgery: $300 – $400
  • Treatment for Diabetes for one month: $200-$225
  • Urinary blockage repair: $300 – $500
  • Dog behavior modification: $500 – $800

* KVHS often receives a discounted rate on veterinary services, these are estimated costs. These rates may be higher for the general public.

Give an Animal a Second Chance, Make a Gift To The Christopher D. Walters Second Chances Fund

Some of the Lives Saved by This Fund


Sisko a dog rescued and given a second chance

KVHS chose to open our arms to Sisko in September when another shelter was unable to provide resources for his behavior. We have been working with him over the month with behavior modification. He is a 7-8 month old GSD that is very much a “puppy” who needs basic obedience training. He has quickly picked up on the clicker training and has shown progress with each step we take. He is a dog who will require training in the shelter and then continued training in an adoptive home. Thanks to the second chances fund, KVHS can provide ongoing canine behavior modification and training with no time limits so that dogs just like Sisko can have the second chance they deserve.


Lambert is a sweet cat who came to KVHS as a stray in September. He was hit by a car while stray, and suffered a right femur fracture. This fracture required surgery and 8 weeks of cage rest, professional care, and love at KVHS. His care included surgery, antibiotics, pain medication, and follow up care along the way. Because of the safe haven KVHS provides, cats just like Lambert can fully recover in a loving environment and then find a forever home!


Vern came to KVHS with his sister, Addie. Both kittens were incredibly sick with upper respiratory infections. For weeks they were treated with IV fluids, vitamins, and antibiotics in foster care with a KVHS staff member who could provide around the clock care. They had weekly appointments with the KVHS veterinarian to track their progress and continue treatment. Cats like Vern and Addie are examples of the commitment KVHS provides and the unwillingness to give up on animals in need. Because of the Second Chances Fund, Vern and Addie are both now on the recovering and will be able to find a loving new home.