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Soxy’s Happy Ending

At KVHS, our arms and doors are open to all animals in need. This Fall, our Georgia rescue partner asked us to take a senior dog named Soxy. Soxy was surrendered after life with a family that simply couldn’t afford her medical care. Soxy has a condition called Cushings Disease, which is a syndrome that happens when a dog’s body makes too much cortisol. It can be treated, but requires a committed owner. For Soxy, KVHS was a final option. Many other groups are unwilling to take an older dog with medical issues, but our little shelter in Central Maine simply put, believes in second chances for all animals. We agreed to take Soxy, and were immediately head over heels for this little dog. The staff at KVHS described her as a furry bundle of love. After assessing her needs and helping to get her on a solid plan for a healthy future, we were able to find Soxy a perfect home. She was adopted by a local veterinarian who will be able to provide her with great medical care… and love her for all her days. If you share our feelings and commitment that all animals, regardless of age or health, deserve a second chance please join us by making a gift today. Animals just like Soxy will keep having a happy ending because of your generous support.