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Capital Campaign – Case Studies

Case Studies

Karma and Kismet

Karma and Kismet are 3 year old bulldog mix siblings from Georgia. They were discovered and seized by our rescue partner, Road Trip Home and were extremely malnourished. These girls suffered significant neglect and were described as having “been through hell together.” Often, these dire situations can deeply impact a dogs ability to love and trust, but this was simply not the case for Karma and Kismet. They accepted love from everyone on their journey to their happily ever after, and oozed sweetness and gentle snuggles on our team and volunteers immediately.

Determined to give them the best possible life, our team at KVHS chose to seek a family that would keep these bonded girls together. Luckily, we have a big-hearted community and a lovely woman came in to adopt Karma and Kismet just before Christmas. She keeps us posted with photos and updates, and shares that now the two girls spend their days snoozing on couches, playing with toys, and loving on their mom. This happy ending is what our work is,fundamentally, all about.


Chester was found with his four siblings and mother a few days after being born. They were living outdoors and were brought to KVHS by a community member. The mother was a feral cat who rejected Chester when he was unable to nurse properly. Out team of trained staff removed Chester from the litter and found in examining him that He had a cleft lip. He was immediately examined by a veterinarian, who confirmed the diagnosis. Cleft lip and palettes are genetic disorders caused when lips and palates to do not grow properly during pregnancy. Surgery can resolve this, when infant animals are big enough and strong enough for the procedure. Faced with a kitten only a few days old, KVHS staff refused to give up, and worked around the clock to feed Chester drops of formula through a syringe. Drop by drop, guided by patience and a love for the life of this small kitten, Chester got stronger and gained weight. Weeks went by, and the efforts to save this kitten continued. With regular check-ups and continued patience in his feeding regime Chester was finally strong enough for surgical intervention. He had lip and palette corrective surgery that allows him to now eat and drink without danger of aspiration. He is a normal kitten that spends his days chasing his tail, climbing and perching, and snuggling in his adoptive mom’s lap for a sweet nap.

At KVHS, we will continue to provide second chances to animals like Chester.

Bill and Dexter

Bill and Dexter and their family were awakened in the middle of the night by a fire in their apartment complex. Dexter was found before leaving the building but Bill would be found safely later by firefighters. Following the fire, Mom and son were able to stay with some friends but had lost all the comforts of home as had Bill and Dexter. A friend of KVHS, Mom was supplied with blankets, toys, food, treats, litter and litter box so her babies would have all they needed to stay comfortable. In times of crisis, we want to help any way that we can to keep animals with their people in their homes. Bill and Dexter have found a new home and are purring their days away on their new favorite snuggly blanket.


Diesel had been rescued as a puppy from a situation of unthinkable abuse and at the time his young body was scattered with cigarette burns. The bond between Diesel and his new owner was immediately strong, and years were filled with love and companionship. However, life throws tough curveballs, and Diesel’s owner hit a difficult patch. His lack of housing and financial distress caused him to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender Diesel to KVHS. When KVHS is faced with devastated owners  relinquishing ownership of their animals, our job is to provide comfort to humans and safe haven for animals. Diesel stayed at KVHS for 189 days. He had a few attempts at adoptions, but the homes weren’t quite right. You see, Diesel is special. If he were a child, we might call him spirited. Everything is a little bit “more” with Diesel. He is stubborn, a proven  escape artist, and full of energy. But despite those barriers to a happy ending, his goodness shone through. Diesel wanted to succeed. He learned new tricks and made a few best friends with staff and volunteers. But the days were still long, and a sadness began to show itself in  Diesel. It was then, toward the end of his 189-day journey with us, that his original owner  discovered that Diesel was still at KVHS. He had long believed that Diesel was adopted by another family, and though he missed the fur-kid he once adored, he convinced himself is was all for the best. In the time that had passed, he was able to improve his situation and now had a home and the means to care for his former dog. He made arrangements to visit KVHS and was prepared to take Diesel home. The reunion was moving, tender and sincere.

Now Diesel, with his new brother, is living his best life with his family, not to be separated again.

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