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Henry’s Journey

Henry’s journey began in Habersham County, Georgia, when a Good Samaritan found him severely matted and in dire need of veterinary and grooming assistance. After being seen by a vet and getting his needs taken care of, Henry spent three weeks in his first foster home where his behavioral issues were first noted. His resource guarding and occasional aggression lead his first foster mom to rehome him. He spent three days in a vet boarding facility while he waited for another chance at a foster home. Henry was sent to a couple who dedicated seven weeks of their lives to giving him a temporary but very loving home. During those seven weeks, Henry continued to have resource guarding issues that increased in intensity over time. When his foster parents went on a five day vacation, he stayed with a friend and true to his bad boy lifestyle, he continued to show aggression.

Desperate of help, Habersham Humane Society and Road Trip Home Animal Resuce reached out to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society. Our behavior specialist and team of animal care technicians were joyed at the opportunity to help. On July 18, 2019, after traveling 1,167 miles and spending two days in a transport van full of other hopeful animals seeking refuge in Maine, Henry had arrived.

Eighteen pounds of pure cuteness and a “rap sheet” a mile long, Henry entered KVHS with his head held high and his tail wagging. Looking back, the team thought he would be an easy fix as they had successfully trained and rehomed many resource guarders in the past. But, Henry had other ideas in mind. He was to be remembered and revered as the king of naughty boys.

In his time here at KVHS, he bit six times, lived in nine different kennels, was put up for adoption four times, spent seventeen months undergoing behavior modification training, played in nearly a hundred play groups, befriended two amazingly patient volunteers, and finally after 493 days, on December 24, 2020, Henry was adopted. He now lives with his two owners, two large dogs, three cats, and a flock of geese.