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Surrender A Pet

What do I do if I can no longer care for my pet?

At the KVHS it is our goal to see companion animals and their owners together for a lifetime. Sadly, due to life’s circumstances, this goal is not always attainable. If you find yourself needing to surrender your pet the KVHS is here for you. Here at the KVHS we realize that surrendering a pet can be a difficult and heartbreaking decision. Accepting surrendered animals and working to place them in new and loving homes is an important part of our mission.

KVHS manages our intake of animals, especially when we are busy and full, by scheduling appointments to take in your pet. We will not shame or judge you, but only want to gather as much information as possible about your pet so we can set them up for success with a new family when that time comes.

We encourage previous owners to fill out a pet profile. This background information is helpful when perspective adopters inquire about your pet’s personality.

Remember animal abandonment is a preventable crime! If you need to surrender an animal contact the KHVS, we are here to help.

Suggested donations upon time of surrender:

  • Adult Cat—$10 per cat
  • Kitten— $10 per kitten or $30 per litter
  • Adult Dog—Up to $50 per dog
  • Puppy—$25 per puppy or $60 per litter
  • Rabbits, Guniea Pigs, Ferrets—$10
  • Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Gerbils—$5

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