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Winston’s Story

When a global pandemic began to impact our community, the Kennebec Valley Humane Society (KVHS) was busily meeting the needs of our mission. When the world quickly changed, we knew that our commitment to animals in need could not change. Just before Mainers were instructed to stay at home, a goofy and giant dog named Winston was surrendered to KVHS when his family could no longer care for him.
Weighing in around 100 pounds, Winston was as energetic as he was large. Through routine health screenings and playtime with his new friends at the shelter, the KVHS team noticed signs of limping and weakness in his rear legs. Winston was then taken to a local veterinarian for an orthopedic appointment, where he was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.

The treatment for hip displasia is a surgery called Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO). Winston required this surgery for both his rear legs, and the cost for this life changing surgery is well over $5,000. Winston didn’t know that in his time of need a crisis was impacting our whole world. All he knew was that he needed help. And to us, what mattered was that he could be free from pain and because of support like yours, we could help him.
Though it is costly, the surgery is the difference between Winston living life in constant pain and discomfort or one that could be full of catching balls and rolling on his back for belly rubs. Our team at KVHS made the decision that we hope to always make for animals in need – the decision to say yes to a second chance.

As you read this, a pandemic continues to damage our community and spread fear and despair. But as you also read this, our goofy Winston is now settled into a happy, loving home. The first of two surgeries was a success, and after weeks of daily physical therapy with our trained staff he was ready for the next chapter in his life: a happily ever after. His perfect family found him at KVHS, and we were able to send him off in loving arms for a lifetime of snuggles and games of fetch. Though we are facing challenging times, we can see a bright light every day in the resilient spirit of animals just like Winston. Animals that your support is saving, every day.